THROAT & BROW CHAKRA with Dr. Jeff Levin

Sunday    |    10:00 - 17:00 (05/24/2020) , Duration: 07:00 Categories:

Hi everybody.
I want to invite and welcome you and all off your country´s residents to Jeff´s  on-line workshop
23 – 24 of May 2020,  10.00 – 17.00

Cost Workshop: Euro 150

Questions and notification are sent to

The focus of the Throat Chakra is self-expression and communication from a place of compassion and love/wisdom learned at the Heart Chakra. The pain of the past, hiding ones’ true voice or the fear of speaking ones’ truth are released. In contrast, we give life to the positive archetype, the Communicator, the one who ‘walks their talk, integrating both heart and mind, able to express with clarity and sincerity their inner self, without diminishing others.

The Brow Chakra brings us to a place of ‘inner knowing’ and intuition. The Life Lesson of this chakra is in trusting that the answers to life’s challenges lie within. We shall work to bring into harmony the two conflicting archetypal aspects of this chakra – the Rationalist, based on the fear and insecurity of dismantling their safe world, and the Psychic, who is receptive to hearing the wisdom of their creative intuition.


Looking forward to hear from you.

Love from a sunny SWEDEN


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